Loan Types

Ogden Mortgage Loans is a local mortgage broker headquartered in Ogden, Utah that offers conventional mortgage loans using underwriting guidelines from Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac.


We also offer conventional mortgage loans from a few mortgage banks that are not Fannie/Freddie guidelines, but rather portfolio loan guidelines. This gives our clients extra flexibility with conventional home loans.

Ogden Mortgage Loans offers conventional mortgage loans from both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwriting guidelines.  Down payment options start at a minimum of 3% down payment and a borrower can put as much money down for their down payment as they choose.  Ogden Mortgage Loans offers low down payment conventional loan options from both Fannie Mae HomePath & Freddie Mac Home Possible and Freddie Mac Home One loans.


For loans that are less than 20% down, we offer loans with mortgage insurance and with lender paid mortgage insurance options.

Loan amounts & Loan Limits


Minimum loan amounts start at $50,000 for single-family properties, duplex, tri-plex & 4-plexes.


Conventional loan limits follow- the annual income guidelines per county based on FHFA’s income loan limit guidelines.


We also offer Super conforming loans for higher loan amounts conventional loans.

Where we lend:


Area’s that Ogden Mortgage loans offer’s conventional loans is in all areas of the state of Utah. Ogden Mortgage Loans is a DBA for Mortgage Miralces Happen, LLC, who lends in more states than just Utah. For a list of states that our parent company, Mortgage Miracles Happen, LLC lends in, see where we lend.